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Janome 6260 Sewing Machine Review

The Janome 6260 is a quilting machine, thus the name Janome Quilter’s Companion means. This is great for avid quilters and quilters by profession to help them get the best and maximum quilting job results. This machine is a bit expensive because it offers top of the line quilting features and it is also computerized. Below is a list of features that the Janome 6260 offers to consumers:

Janome 6260 Review

1. It is a fast machine and offers great speed for quilting works.

2. It gives you precise stitch works and concise stitch patterns.

3. You get a worry-free quilting experience even if you are doing ordinary works to complex designs, no breaking, binding or even skipping will happen when using one.

4. It has a well-lighted LED screen display that will showcase what the Janome has to offer and it also has a scroll key for easy use of the machine.

5. It includes a work table that is in arc form which will allow you to move freely and more work room for you to use.

6. It includes a quilting kit for you to store in your quilting tools.

7. This also gives you additional storage space which you can see above and below your machine. The drawer at the bottom of the machine uses the slide mechanism so you will not need to worry opening it even if you are working on a project.

8. The 7-point feed dog mechanism greatly helps you even if you plan to do a sewing project starting from the edge of your textile or garment.

9. It includes an extra high presser foot lifter that will give you more space when doing a lot of sewing of fabrics at the same time.

Some disadvantages of the Janome 6260:

1. It contains a lot of plastic parts. This is not guaranteed durable and sturdy equipment. You have to be extra careful when you use this so that it will not break easily. Some parts that are made from plastic materials are the bobbins and the foot presser.

2. This machine may be quite complicated to use at first because of the special features that this machine has to offer.

3. It is not a user-friendly for first time quilters. It may be best to read the instruction manuals thoroughly before you try to use on these types of machines.

4. It is a bit expensive because of the high technology it brings to quilters.

Janome MC7700QCP Sewing Machine Review

It was the Janome sewing machine company who released the very first computerized embroidery sewing machine for home use that can produce professional quality embroidery in the 1990s. The Janome MC7700QCP, which belonged to Janome’s Memory Craft Series, is one of its creations that combine functionality and technology.

The Janome MC7700QCP sewing machine contains functions that provide convenience to its users. It is a very user-friendly equipment and very easy to operate. Even those who have never used a sewing machine will find it fun to use. Controls can be easily set and modified according to the user’s requirement. The machine can save you a lot of space due to its portable size though it does not have a side arm which may be inconvenient when working on sleeves, pants and cuffs as it only has a very limited space to work on. It is very lightweight though and can be placed on top of a table so you can use the table top to spread out the material you are working on.

Sewing lights are also provided to lessen user eye strain therefore allowing comfort when working on finer sewing details which need precision. The Janome MC7700QCP also has an automatic threader so our eyes will not be stained in finding the needle hole for the thread to enter. You only have to push the control button and the thread is entered into the needle’s eye. The machine is also provided with an automatic tensioning feature which allows constant control on the stitch tension. The thread tension control automatically adjusts itself depending on the kind of fabric you are using. This eliminates waves and creases giving the finished product a “professionally done” look.

The Janome MC7700QCP has a speed of 820 stitches per minute allowing the user to maximize productivity on numerous projects. Shifting from garment sewing to embroidery is also very easy by just pushing the right control button. The machine is equipped with almost a hundred utility and decorative stitches with seven different kinds of buttonholes and ninety-five embroidery stitches which you can combine to produce other stitch designs. The built-in memory allows the user to save and edit designs to suit their particular requirements.

You may want to read the instruction manually thoroughly to avoid any problems which may be encountered while using the Janome MC7700QCP. Like any other computerized equipment, parts and control panels are sensitive and may be damaged if operational instructions are not properly followed.

The Janome MC7700QCP is a great sewing machine for you if you are the very creative type because of its functions and capabilities in design. Not only you can use it for your own personal projects but you could start your own small sewing and embroidery business considering the wide possibilities you can do with the Janome MC7700QCP capability.