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Web ContentWhile the Internet started with a U.S. Authorities research undertaking in the late Nineteen Fifties, the web in its present form didn’t appear on the Internet till after Tim Berners-Lee and his colleagues at the European laboratory ( CERN ) proposed the concept of linking documents with hypertext But it was not until Mosaic , the forerunner of the famous Netscape Navigator , appeared that the Internet become greater than a file serving system. Net content doesn’t prohibit use of enter modalities obtainable on a platform besides the place the restriction is essential, required to ensure the safety of the content, or respect consumer settings. Exception: The visual presentation of the content material is managed by the person agent and is not modified by the author.

For Stage AAA conformance, the Internet web page satisfies all of the Level A, Degree AA and Degree AAA Success Standards, or a Level AAA conforming alternate version is offered. Inside Content material utilized by varied non-tutorial items around campus for daily operations needed by current college students ought to be made accessible via an intranet like JNET.

Content just isn’t locked to a specific display orientation , and performance of the content material is operable in all display orientations, except where display orientation is important to be used of the content. Alternate versions shouldn’t be confused with supplementary content material , which assist the original page and improve comprehension.

Finally, it describes what it means to be accessibility supported , since solely accessibility-supported methods of using technologies may be relied upon for conformance. This success criterion needs to be considered along with Success Criterion three.2.1 , which puts limits on adjustments of content or context because of consumer action.

Some frequent examples of Web content material technologies embrace HTML, CSS, SVG, PNG, PDF, Flash, and JavaScript. Customized tooltips, sub-menus, and other nonmodal popups which show on hover and focus are examples of further content material covered by this criterion.