Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine Review

The Pfaff has been known to make great sewing machines for several years now. They have produced a lot of famous models that is widely used by consumers. Pfaff 1245 is a sewing machine that is a combination of the classic sewing machine plus the new technology of what you can see from the latest machines out in the market. This machine is fast and can produce a great outcome for stitches and garment designs. You can get to finish your work in no time when using one. This has a spacious work room at around 14mm. This greatly allows you to sew even the thickest fabrics like leather or denim but can easily adjust to sew in the thinnest fabrics like silk.

Pfaff 1245 Review

Pros of Pfaff 1245:

1. This machine can do the labor works that are very difficult to do. It is reliable and can create anything that involves using hard materials. If you plan to make money and venture in a business such as selling your own luggage line or if you are more into sweaters and coats, then this machine is great for you. You can even create a set of upholstery for your car that you can personalize and add a nice touch to your ride.

2. This machine can do as much as 2,000 stitches per minute. So this saves you a lot of time when doing a lot of sewing jobs. Imagine how many projects you can finish in one sitting with this type of equipment.

3. It has automatic lubrication system for its hook. This is very convenient for those who do not want their hands to get greasy and messy. The lubricant is very important to keep your sewing machine working properly. This will resist rust and corrosion onto your sewing machine to occur.

4. This is a silent type of sewing machine. You do not need to worry that you wake up other people if you have to work on a sewing project late at night.

5. The top feed of your sewing machine can be adjusted and you can lift it up for you to have comfort while sewing. This is great if you work on large textiles.

Cons of Pfaff 1245:

1. The Pfaff 1245’s needle is specific. You cannot just choose any type of needle to use for this machine. It is not easy to find the needles for this specific equipment.

2. This is not a portable sewing machine. It cannot be carried anywhere. You need to find a perfect place to situate this sewing machine.

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