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  • Continuous Vulcanizing
  • Continuous Vulcanizing
Continuous Vulcanizing
Continuous Vulcanizing
TRC- ∮ 2000 X W2400 (CE)
Heating Drum Diameter:∮2000
Heating Drum Width:2400mm

  • Continuous vulcanizing process provides high production efficiency and stable quality.
  • Customized design for CE and OSHA conformity machine.

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Application Examples:
  • Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt
  • Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt
  • Chevron Conveyor Belt
  • Package Handling
  • Studded Stair Tread
  • Rubber and synthetic sheet

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Technical Specifications:
Machine Type     TRC-ø1200 TRC-ø1500 TRC-ø1800 TRC-ø2000
Heating Drum Diameter   mm ø1200 ø1500 ø1800 ø2000
Vulcanization Length   mm 2500 3500 4000 4500
Max. Product Width (1) mm Custom made according to max. product width required.
Max. Product Thickness   mm 0.5 ~ 25
Max.Heating Temperature (2)   160 ~ 220°C
Max. Surface Pressure   Kg / cm2 5
Roundness Of Heating Drum     0.08
Steel Belt (3)   SANDVIK 1650 SM
Heating Method
(Of Heating Drum)
(4)   Steam or Thermic
Auxiliary Heating -  
Auxiliary Pressure Drum (Optional) (5)  
Clean Device For Heating Drum And
Steel Belt
Pre-heating for Lower
Reversing Drum (Optional)
Steel Belt Tracking Device    
Remarks     (1) Machine width can be designed according to max. product width requirements.
(2) Heating drum can be designed to pressure vessel type[optional].
(3) Woven belt is available[optional].
(4) Heating by Steam or Thermic is decided by customers.
(5) Max. line pressure of auxiliary pressure drum: 120kg/cm.

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