Singer 7442 Sewing Machine Review

Choosing the best sewing machine for you that will fit your budget is sometimes hard to do. You will need to figure out what you really want to achieve from the sewing machine and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the sewing machine type. It is best that you find good reviews that will give you the information you need before purchasing a product. Here are some of the reviews that will greatly benefit you before you choose to purchase a sewing machine. If you plan to buy a sewing machine, try to get a Singer 7442. See the big difference of this type to others that is out in the market at present. Do not forget to go through the whole review before deciding to purchase one for your home. Be creative and try one for yourself.

The Singer 7442 is an added famous product of Singer. This type is electronic and gives you electronic stitch formations as well. The machine is compact and may be carried around wherever you want to go and very lightweight weighing only 21 pounds. It also has an on-board storage where you can carry along all the accessories in it as you travel. The Singer 7442 is a great machine for mending day-to-day necessities but only for lightweight materials also. It cannot be used for mending or making upholstery. The machine is also equipped with a variety of stitches that are reasonably easy to learn accompanied by easy-to-understand instructions. There is an LED light that will greatly benefit you especially when it is a bit dark so you can see the patterns that you are making on your sewing machine. What is best about this product is that it does not heat up even if you use it for a long period of time. It has a cooling system on it.

This model has a full range of sewing machine accessories that makes it possible for decorative, stretch, heirloom and quilting stitches to be sewn with precision. Its optimal and electronically formed settings make this feature possible. Stitches can be adjusted to its exact width and length. Reverse stitching is also made possible. This is the perfect sewing machine to make your table runners, holiday stockings for kids, sweaters, or other things you can think of that you can create on your own. This is best for you to give out to loved ones during the holiday seasons because this has your own creativity and has your special touch. Its quilting stitch looks like it has been worked on by hand and even better making it appear as if a professional made the finished product.

The 7442 model has a built-in needle threader that does the threading in just six seconds either horizontally or vertically. It has a 5-snap on presser feet for standard use, buttonholes, zipper, blind, and satin stitch. Buttonholes may be sewn in just one step and in two styles though, the stitches seem very far apart from each other that the buttonholes seem to unravel. Any minor problems like this can be fixed.

For people who are on the go, this type of sewing machine is very lightweight and is ideal to bring with you on your trips. You will surely enjoy using this sewing machine for your own decorative sewing purposes. It may have minor disadvantages like not being able to pivot your work since the needle always stops in the “up” position, but in the overall, the Singer 7442 still serves your creative and basic sewing necessities with a lot of benefits.

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