Singer 7462 Sewing Machine Review

The Singer 7462 is one of the top electronic sewing machines that Singer was able to manufacture. It shows the Singer signature which is durability as it can last for years. It is made of very sturdy materials, which is what Singer is known for and its mechanism is built to work efficiently over the years. If taken cared of properly, it can even be made an heirloom to your grandchildren. It is very heavy though, so you will not be able to move it anywhere that easy and it produces a loud noise so you may want to use your Singer 7462 during certain hours of the day when nobody is resting or work in an area where very little noise may be heard by other areas in your home.

Even with the noise and the bulky feature, the Singer 7462 is certainly a sewing machine worth treasuring. It is the machine’s capability and features that sets it apart from all the other sewing machines. A very interesting feature of the Singer 7462 is of the class 15J bobbins which are much smaller than the standard class15. The machine is also capable of producing 80 stitching functions with 28 stitches which you can combine.

Two options for buttonholes are also available, both created with just a press of a button. The users gain more control over stitch selection and formation because this Singer sewing machine is electronic. A lock function for decorative stitches prevents the stitches from loosening up immediately. It has threading system that runs about 6 seconds only and the drop-in bobbin is provided with a bobbin-viewer in the form of a slide plate so the user will be able to see and monitor bobbin activity. You will be able to know when the bobbins are to be wound. The Singer 7462 also has an auto tension giving the machine the capability to adjust itself depending on the stitch and fabric you are working on. You may encounter a problem though if you use thick fabrics. The auto-tension assembly of the sewing machine may not work as expected with these kinds of fabric and you may even end up breaking needles.

One of the Singer 7462 features that gives it a better edge than other electronically run sewing machines is its programmable controls that adjust stitch length and width. This function works wonders on your project and creates perfect stitch dimensions with utmost precision. Only a few machines have this capability.

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