White 2999 Sewing Machine Review

White 2999 is a good home mechanical sewing machine. This machine is equipped with various features. It has an automatic one-step buttonhole for perfect buttonholes. You can control its speed to adjust in your sewing. It is capable to do 24 different stitches – one-step buttonhole, zigzag stitch, double action stitch, feather stitch, and 20 more. Furthermore, it has top drop-in bobbin that makes it easy to replace the used bobbin and see how much thread has left in the bobbin. You can also use the two needles with different colors at the same time. We only stated some of its features, but there are a lot more to see. In addition to what was stated previously, here are the advantages of White 2999:

1. You do not have to waste your time putting the buttons manually. The White 2999 is programmed to help you save time. All you have to do is to put the button at the designated place, push the right control in the machine and in just a matter of seconds, it will do the rest.

2. The LCD screen found in the sewing machine does not only display the speed of the machine. The LCD screen also shows what presser feet and the needle you should use.

3. As what stated previously, you can control the machine’s pace, whether faster or slower. In order to guarantee the quality of your stitch, it is designed in harmony with how fast you stitch.

4. If your work ends up with a loose stitch, or that the needle does not go through the cloth, the problem might be on how you press the presser feet. White 2999 sewing machine ensures you better presser feet. It creates a consistent pressure. Thus, you can create an even stitch from beginning until end. The presser feet can also be adjusted.

5. White 2999 sewing machine does not generate noise whenever you are sewing. Consequently, it creates a harmonious environment which can keep up your mood in sewing.

Disadvantages of White 2999

1. If you have mastered sewing, you may then find that White 2999 is for basic embroidery and sewing. With a limited 25 built-in stitches, you might find yourself wanting to learn more. That is the time you tune-up to another machine. Yet still, that does not alter the fact that White 2999 is capable for good sewing.

2. If you are a left-handed person, you may find this machine difficult to use. It is because this machine was built typically. With habitual use of your left hand, you may find this machine challenging.

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